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Join Moto.Men to support individuals in need.

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We're a group of highly motivated motorcyclists that raise awareness for charitable organizations and raise funds to support their causes!

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In order to assist us, join Moto.Men in helping others. We have a blast while we're in route to aid others in need. Rides, Rallies, and Promotional Events will be starting soon. Ride with us!

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We're excited to hear from you about your own motorcycling inspired adventures!

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Moto.Men = Charity + Club + Community

You can contribute to Moto.Men by 1) joining our club, 2) purchasing our merchandise, or 3) making a direct donation.

When you donate, 90% of your contribution will go directly to our charities. The remainder will be used for operations and any additional processing fees which are associated with transferring funds. So, if you donate $100, Moto.Men will see that a minimum of $90 will go directly to charity. For Project'19, Moto.Men is supporting The Wounded Warrior Project, Mission K9 Rescue/U.S. War Dog Association, and The American Cancer Association, as well as two individual Wounded Warriors and two Cancer Victims/Survivors. Individuals will be selected and announced by June 1, 2019!

When you join the Moto.Men Club or purchase merchandise, ~50% of proceeds will support our charities, while the remainder helps support Moto.Men operations. 

The Moto.Men Guarantee

For Project’19 our minimum goal is to raise $10K for charity. Moto.Men is a charity organization first and foremost. The Moto.Men Community is about serving others, and we always lead by example. Scotland and Nate are determined to reach our goal, and in fact, we Guarantee it!

If we do not raise the external funds necessary in order to reach our goal, Scotland and Nate pay the difference out of our own pockets! Together, we will distribute the funds as:

Mission K9 Rescue/U.S. War Dog Association: $2K

The Wounded Warrior Project: $2K

The American Cancer Association: $2K

The Moto.Men Endowments will be distributed (announced by June, 1, 2019) as follows:

Two (2) Moto.Men Endowments supporting Victims and Survivors @ $1K x 2 (=$2K)

Two (2) Moto.Men Endowments supporting disabled Veterans @ $1K x 2 (=$2K)

Our great hope is to surpass these minimum goals for Project’19! If we can, we will donate the funds in denominations proportionally, as described above. In order to MAXIMIZE OUR HELP, we need your assistance. Consider helping today.