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Mission: Project'19 via The Arctic Circle

Moto.Men is a group of motorcycling enthusiasts that share a dream of exploring the world, energizing others, helping less fortunate individuals, and passing on all that we learn along the way. We will be live-streaming our adventures, blogging, vlogging, and posting pictures of the remarkable sites that we uncover. The core team consists of 3 members: Nate Jennings and Scotland Leman from Roanoke VA, and Andy Raman from Houston TX.

The inaugural Moto.Men adventure, Project’19, will launch on May 25 from Virginia Beach VA, and make way to the Triumph Motorcycle headquarters in Atlanta GA, before traveling down to the Gulf of Mexico and setting our sights towards the northern most road in the entirety of North America: the James Dalton Hwy which ends in the Arctic Circle, via Prudhoe Bay AK. After a day of rest and site-seeing, Moto.Men will traverse back to the contiguous United States and head down the Pacific Coast Hwy until moving inland via Route 66, and eventually find our way back to Roanoke VA, via Deals Gap and the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Project’19 is a 35-40 day motorcycle trip that will wind around North America, making regular stops to support those in need. En route, we will raise funds for disabled veterans, military service dogs, and cancer victims.

Principally, Moto.Men are raising funds for those that have served our community and country, yet have been left behind. For Project’19, along with providing support to individuals in need, Moto.Men will be fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project, US War Dogs/Mission K9 Rescue, and the American Cancer Society.

Project’19 is primarily funded by its team members; our generous sponsors: Triumph Motorcycles, Kenda Tires, Frontline Eurosports, Snap-on Tools, Two Fox Motorcycling, Scorpion USA, Western Power Sports; and all our generous individual donors.

Moto.Men look forward to seeing you, both physically and virtually, on the road! 

Mission K9 Rescue & US War Dogs

The Moto.Men are supporting Mission K9 Rescue (Us War Dogs, Chapter 6) in Magnolia, TX. We're raising awareness and funds for this AWESOME organization!

The Wounded Warrior Project

The Moto.Men are supporting The Wounded Warrior Project. For those that have given so much for our country, the Moto.Men salute you! Ooh-Rah! 

American Cancer Society

The Moto.Men are supporting the American Cancer Society and individual cancer patients and survivors across North America. The fight won't be over until we win this battle. Join us in supporting a cause that has affected all of us.

Project'19 Bike: Triumph 1200 Tiger XCA

For Project'19, which will take us over the legendary James Dalton Highway, otherwise known as the "Haul Road", Moto.Men will be relying on Triumph's Tiger 1200 XCA. With ~140Hp and 122Nm of torque, power will be on our side! If you've yet to enjoy the delivery of a 3-cylinder engine, you're in for a big treat when you get a chance to climb up on one. The buttery smooth power delivery, and enhanced rider aides translate to being able to ride with agility in a multitude of conditions. Being equipped with Kenda K784 "Big-Block" knobbies for the rougher sections, and Kenda K678 "Big-Block Pavers" for both pavement and trails alike, we'll be safe, nimble, and home on time!   

Project'19 Via The Arctic Circle: Project Riders

Scotland "Black Fox" Leman


A California native, who found his way to beautiful Southwest Virginia. Scotland is a Professor at Virginia Tech, and spends his time teaching, researching, learning, exploring the world, and loving nature at large!

Nate Jennings

Service Advicer

A Southwest Virginia native who sleeps, dreams, and breathes motorcycling. When Nate isn't riding or racing a motorcycle, he is probably teaching someone else to ride one.

Andy Raman

Senior Architect

A Manchester, UK native who found his way to the United States, and now resides in Katy, TX where he promotes his local K9 resort: Fido's Home Pet Spa and Inn.

To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

-John Muir-